WeightLifting Sports Performance Coach

* Private Sessions starting Winter 2016*
Limited spots available as my schedule is at capacity. 

Breeda Willis
Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach.
Regular personal training fees see:  Services and Fees 

Lee Willis 
Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach 
USATF LEVEL 1 certified Coach 
PER appointment:  50 minutes  $55 per hour (Group of two) additional fees apply for additional numbers. 

The Science:

Power is amount of force you can produce in a given moment in time.  Therefore, the more powerful you are, the more force you can develop in less time.  Powerful runners have a higher level of relative strength and can tap into their fast twitch muscle fibers better than weaker runners. According to recent research, you may want to get better at being powerful if you want to improve your racing potential. The more explosive runners are the faster they can run over any distance!  

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