Session Full- Spring Running 2014 3-6 Grade-

5/9  In the case of severe weather (lightening and thunder the session will be cancelled)
If you can't make our Sunday session we will see you next week, April 9th @ Iverson Park.

Session Goals:  The primary goal of this session is to gain fitness for Tiger Trek and 5th & 6th Grade track meet. 
Additional race opportunities are also available click link below "Spring Track Series".
This session is for mature athletes looking to improve running performance and work hard.  

GRADES:      3rd - 6th Grade

WHEN:         Wednesdays & Fridays: 4-4:45

LOCATION:  Iverson Park

DATES:        4/4
                   4/9-  4/11
                   4/16-4/18  (Day off Meet Goerke 10:00-10:45)
                   5/7 -  5/9
                   5/14- No session 5/16 (Tiger Trek 5/17)
                   5/21 (Half Day Goerke @ 12:30-1:15),     5/23.
                   5/28-29 5th & 6th Grade Track Meet
                   Spring Track Series  
FEES:           $85 (Fee per season no a la cart available)
AGES:          3-6 Grade Boys & Girls   

Registration will open March 24th.

This program is for young runners that want to improve their performance at city meet and tiger trek.
We will be working on several training zones specifically aerobic, anaerobic glycolic, and anaerobic alactic.

Be prepared to have fun and work hard!