October 30  Goerke Track 

This group is designed for runners looking to maintain endurance and improve their speed in the second half of fall.
6 weeks, 25 practices. $175
2 week option (choose any 2 weeks): $99

11/ 27, 28, 30, 12/1  Saturday Pending weather (or assignment) 
12/4, 5, 6, 7, (Indoor Mile RACE, UW- MKE, TBD) 

Tuesday 12/4  Running assignment: warm up 1 mile plus dynamic- 8x 400 @ 5 seconds faster than current mile fitness 3 minutes rest between each -
1 mile cool down 
Wednesday: Assignment: 3- 6 miles easy pace 
Friday: 3:30-4:20  House Wood Way workout with clean indoor shoes or no shoes if shoes are dirty. 
Saturday: Location TBA  9-10 am  Location may vary   

*Minnesota and Maria trailhead

Athletes are expected to be laced up and ready to begin at the designated start time. We will begin each session promptly. Each session will also end promptly, but never early.

Please understand -- this can be a challenging time of year for outdoor running. 
Our location and session may need to be adjusted pending weather conditions. 
In the event of severe weather athletes will be provide a detailed assignment which they will 
do on their own at local gym or on treadmill at home. 

STAFF: Breeda Willis,  IAAF World Certified Youth and Endurance Coach  
           Lee Willis, USATF Level 1 Certified Coach
One or both coaches will be present for all outdoor training sessions. We work as a team to give you the best coaching and training possible. 


Running Fall -Winter